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A Naughty Word That Rhymes With “Witch”

The late comedian George Carlin is rolling over in his grave . . . with laughter. In 1973, a New York radio station was sued for indecency after it aired Carlin’s infamous stand-up routine containing the “seven dirty words”.

And today? Well, a Massachusetts state representative introduced legislation that would criminalize use of the word “bitch.” Really. Democrat Rep. Daniel Hunt said he introduced the legislation on behalf of one of his Boston constituents pursuant to a quirky Massachusetts law that obligates state legislators to file legislation if so requested by a citizen.

Sign in a WBAI studio room warns radio broadcasters against uttering George Carlin’s seven dirty words. Photo Credit: Rob Vincent, Creative Commons.

Hunt said he has been barraged with “colorful” messages “calling me the B-word and the C-word.”  He added, “It’s not a big deal. I’m a big boy.  But days like this are a little discouraging in trying to fight the good fight.”

Okay, no one wants the term “bitch” applied to them. It’s impolite to say the least. But a law criminalizing use of the word is blatantly unconstitutional.

Photo Credit: Rob Vincent, Creative Commons / Wikipedia

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