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What Does Free Speech Mean to You?

The Campaign for Free Speech took to the streets of New York City to ask people what the First Amendment means to them. According to our recent polling, many people in this country believe that speech should be restricted—and that individuals who use “hate speech” should even go to jail. But as we questioned individuals in the heart of Times Square,...

Student Protests Threaten Free Speech on College Campuses

Student-run protests on college campuses seem to be a daily occurrence now. It's like clockwork: A controversial guest speaker is invited to lecture on campus, and in no time students are up in arms. But why are college students—especially ones at some of the most prestigious schools—so eager to dismiss learning opportunities as instances of "oppression?" Of course, students have...

Government Regulation and Stronger Algorithms Will Not Save Social Media From False and Hateful Speech

Sacha Baron Cohen is an artistic genius.  To many, he is also vile, duplicative, and, at times, revolting.  But he is still a genius. As an actor, he has portrayed some dreadfully iconoclastic characters:  Borat, Bruno, and Ali G, to name three. And he has reviled many of the rather ordinary folks he has duped into appearing in his “mocumentaries.”...

Robert Lystad on The Drew Mariani Show

Robert Lystad, Executive Director of the Campaign for Free Speech, joined The Drew Mariani Show on October 25, 2019 to discuss the First Amendment and the threats it faces.