What is the Campaign for Free Speech?

Transcript of Video:

In some countries, it’s illegal to criticize the government. For saying the “wrong” thing, you can wind up in jail—or worse.

Consider the case of the great astronomer Galileo.  He was thrown in jail for saying that the Earth was not the center of the universe.  He showed that the planets instead all revolve around the Sun.

One reason America is great is that we have the right to free speech.  Free speech is guaranteed under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Free speech is important because even ideas that may be unpopular could later turn out to be correct.

Moreover, it allows all Americans the right to express who they are as individuals.

However, free speech is under attack.

More and more, people want to shut down free speech because they disagree with it. According to a recent poll, 40% of young Americans believe the government should be able to censor offensive or hurtful statements. Additionally, several court cases could limit the rights of individuals and the media to report on and critique important public policy issues.

That’s why we launched the Campaign for Free Speech.

In these times of strong political division, we will be a non-partisan voice advocating for and educating Americans about the importance of free speech.  Even speech that some people strongly disagree with. We will also be a conduit to the public, journalists, and lawyers about threats to free speech that arise in the courts and in legislatures.

Imagine a world where you could get punished for your opinion of the government or for challenging the status quo. It would be a world where everyone is afraid to speak. That would harm society and our democracy.

We have to protect the rights we have before we lose them. Join the campaign today and sign up at CampaignForFreeSpeech.org.